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Malistare neglects Grizzleheim

Oct 10, 2008
Alright, so we all know Malistare has gone crazy on the worlds, ripping them apart, turning them against themselves, the list could go on forever. But if you look at grizzleheim, you'll notice very rarely is malistare mentioned. . If you read this I'd like to know what other players think. Did Grizzleheim bring war upon itself ? OR did Malistare turn the world into a revoulution not worth fighting for?

Nov 07, 2008
Well you were correct Grizzleheim brought war on itself. The Ravens plan to bring the evrewinter (apocalypse) an icy storm that will last until the end of time. But they are the only ones who would survive it, look at the top of the map of the Raven's part of Grizzleheim.