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lvl 46-47 to early for wintertusk?

Nov 19, 2008
Dec 30, 2009
No, I only got there at 60.. It gets much harder. The last boss fight needs 3-4 people, and I am legendary.

Mar 17, 2011
Wouldn't say, I mean I started around 42, so nope not really I guess. Not the first.

Mar 28, 2009
Well if your a low level just have some legends help you and because the quests are worth SOOO much xp you level up fast enough to do most bosses solo :-) and wintertusk was not meant for level 46 players except fire ones because most bosses are ice

Mar 18, 2009
The more people you bring the less difficult it will be. If you attempt Wintertusk solo with that level, you will be finding many areas to be very frustrating, even with the fire school.

Nov 04, 2010
if you wanna level up... and you are a fire wizard... then NO its not to early. but you should go to level 48 and get dragon first. You get about 5,000- 15,000 XP every quest. EASY LEVELING!

Feb 20, 2010
I think you should at least wait until you are grand master. Good luck

Dec 23, 2008
SuperSaiyan5000 wrote:
if you wanna level up... and you are a fire wizard... then NO its not to early. but you should go to level 48 and get dragon first. You get about 5,000- 15,000 XP every quest. EASY LEVELING!

Thats good to know cause i starting reading this page hoping for that i did wintertusk on my fire legend it wasnt hard cause every boss i face were ice and all the quests give a lot of xp and i created a storm about a weak ago and finish mooshu yesterday my storm is now 44 i plan do do gh instead of ds to get to wintertusk and lvl up fast cause they give lots of xp but the question i have is will i still get the same amount of xp i saw when i was doing it on my fire

Dec 23, 2008
well you dont only have to be a fire storm is good also for this place . i started gh hoping that i'll get to wintertusk soon cause i really want to make my storm a legend, but if you character is myth ice life wouldnt say balance i think balance can do it to if they learn death to feint. If you're a lvl 46-47 myth ice life dont do it unless you have legends helping you

Jul 02, 2011
I stumbled into Wintertusk at around level 40. I had just come over from Mooshu to shop, and caught a few quests. I have leveled up quickly, but find myself way out-classed in W. I'm a storm, and I've had to spend a lot of crowns on henchmen, even on non-boss fights. And that's even with friends helping at times. I'd recommend staying in Mooshu as long as possible before you go to W.

Apr 01, 2011
i think it is slightly early i would reccomend at least getting your lvl 48 spell, but there are soooooo many people there that are willing to help so you dont have to beg your friends to come help you :D

kane jadeheart grandmaster life wizard

Sep 18, 2009
I unlocked Wintertusk before I even started Dragonspire on my Balance (about level 44-45?), but I decided to do DS first and try for my level 50 gear from Malistaire's Lair because it is better (in my opinion) than the level 50 gear in Wintertusk.
And you do not need 3-4 people to do Nastrond. I have run it twice with 2 people, my balance with a fire and life with a death. All legendaries though. Just remember when fighting the 4 titan's sons that group spells will not trigger their counter attack. So hit them all until there is only one left, then finish him off. The battle before them is actually harder. No tricks there, just tough bosses. Pack heal cards, and since they don't use cheats, minions are helpful too.

Oct 26, 2009
Each part gets a little bit harder, I'll guesstimate some level ranges for Wintertusk

Normal Fights:

Easy: 55+
Medium: 48-54
Hard: 40-47

Boss Fights:

Easy: Legendary
Medium: 55-59
Difficult: 40-54


-Can be soloed (with much difficulty) at 60
-Bring 3 or 4 people (bring 2 at least if you both are legendary, and you don't want to deal with soloing)
-preferably all be level 55+
-Next to impossible if all below 48
-Difficult if all between 49 and 54

May 30, 2010
anybody wanna make a team with me so we can beat wintertusk i am a legend balance.

Feb 17, 2011
i dont thing you sod be in wt. cos my bro is a hiher lvl
then you and hi is in ravin i think you sod lvl up

marygreen bloom lvl37 life in mb