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Lore of the Runes quest

Nov 18, 2010
I'm not normally the type of person to complain about something, but this needs to be brought up if it hasn't already. The Lore of the Runes quest that you recieve early on in Grizzleheim (the one to collect the various books) and can't complete until after level 40 is utterly pointless. The quest itself gives a housing object, a less then steller level 40 athame, and a whole -40- exp. Seriously KI? 40 exp for a quest that involves defeating monsters that are on par, if not more difficult then a good 75% of the enemies found in Dragonspyre? Jotun is a good example. It is easily one of the most difficult fights I've encountered thus far. Thank goodness I did it with my girlfriend and we were able to beat it with a little strategic planning. I realise that there is no book in that particular area, but even so. You have to complete Jotun to get the book in Ravenscar. A bit excessive perhaps?

Duncan J
Level 47 Conjurer