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level 58 life quest

Jun 02, 2011
i am just so mad and sad cause for the quest you have to fight storm and life so i died like for times then i got so close then he used regenerate! so then i ran out of cards so i hoped my minion would kill but again healed! so i just gave up ki i love this game so much and ill play this tell 2012 comes XD

May 20, 2010
Dec 20, 2008
First off you think thats hard. My quest I had to fight a storm guy 6000 health with a minion i beat them by shear luck so if you think thats hard try being a storm. And second heal yourself your a life thats what you do stock up on sayters and absorb and then power up forest lord with blades and a convert and take him out. put you must sheild first. Now if you sheild first then attack you will most likely live so a storms way first and if that doesnt work shield up
oh and btw the storm way is full go attack

Chris WaterBlade Legendary Diviner