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Level 58 Ice Spell Quest

Oct 23, 2010
Earlier today I was doing my level 58 ice wizard new spell quest and after the battle and all the other stuff it was time to go to Ravenscar. When i went to the Ravenscar gate it would not let me in. I knew that i wasn't there yet in the story line and heard you could go in anyway. So when i tried to go in it would not let me in and spent almost 2 hours looking for someone to help me get in and finally I got in. So the only thing i am trying to say is that if it is possible would there be a way to help other wizards going onto this quest and that may run into the same problem.

Thanks for listening to my opinion,
Joshua WinterGem (lvl 58 grandmaster thaumaturge)

Mar 09, 2009
I'm a level 60 and have to defeat valkir Rimaxe for my last spell. Did you defeat him? If so how? Could you help me defeat him? His health is 9900 and he's in grizzelheim. Let me know when you're available and I'll join you if I can. Elizabeth Iceshield, Level 60 Legendary Thermaturge

Aug 13, 2010
The level 58 spell quest are only able to solo, except Life. Sorry :-(

But just get Myth Shield Cards, use minions, and don't waste crowns on henchmen. Minion, balefrost, work good. Frost Giant to take out some of the bosses health and kill the minion. Don't worry, you'll get it ;) '

Blake IceHeart Level 60 Thaumaturge!

Jul 31, 2009
If two people are working on the same quest, for instance, the snow angel quest, can they do all the battles together or is it still a solo quest?

Vanessa Ghostthief Grandmaster Thaumaturge

Nov 10, 2010
I am up to the lvl 58 ice quest and i have to kill Valkir Rimaxe and i have died 16 times, can someone please help me out how to kill him?