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Kormak Shadowclaw

Apr 20, 2011
:? In the Quest "Black Feathers", I have to defeat Kormak to get a key to release Hrothgar Farseer. I defeated him with the help of one other player who did not have that quest. After the defeat, the quest changed from defeat Kormak to "unlock Hrothgar". When I went to unlock Hrothgar, the question mark above his head was still greyed out. When I press "X" to unlock him, he told me to defeat Hrothgar.

After numerous solo defeats after that, today four of us defeated him. But that was no longer a quest for me, so I didn't get a key the second time, and Hrothgar's question mark remains greyed out.

He's tough, and I can't defeat him alone. When the battle first begins, a message shows up saying help each other to defeat me. It begs you to bring other players. It's not easy to keep going back to try to defeat him when nothing meaningful happens when you do.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is there something I'm not getting? I hate to report a bug when I simply missing some point.

Apr 20, 2011
I solved my own problem. I did get the key the first time I defeated Kormak. When I returned to unlock the cage, I approached the cage quickly on my mount. The message told me to press X to talk to the guy.

After creating this topic, I went back one more time to try again. This time, I approached the cage more slowly and noticed that when you're just a little further away from it, another message pops up saying to press X to unlock the cage. When you approach the cage just a little more, the unlock message goes away and the message to speak to the guy replaces it. Every other time I had approached the cage, I came in fast and failed to notice that unlock message flash quickly on and off.

This message behavior diverges from the game standard I think. I expected the Question mark above the guy's head to be back on and have some conversationi with him which includes the statement that you unlocked the cage.

Wintertusk was developed after the main game, so it's not surprising to find these kind of inconsistencies. It does make the game just a little less fun and a little more frustrating.

Sep 06, 2010
Unfortunately, the quest to defeat kormak shadowclaw is a money pit. It's Kingisle's way of separating players from their gold and instruct the young that in order to get anything in life, you have to lie, cheat, or steal to do it.