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'king of the bears'?

May 29, 2009
After i finished the quest 'the final countdown' i got the usual quet to go to Celestia but Ambrose had another quest for me called 'King Of The Bears' but the quest was for me to simply talk to the king who resides in Northguard.

So i was wandering if any other players has had this quest before? Oh and btw i checked on Ambrose with my life legendary and i didnt get that quest at all. Even tho i finished every single quest in Grizzleheim.

Community Leader
Have you perhaps talked to bear in shopping district,on this wizard and not on your life? Kings of the bears quest is part of Grizzlehiem quest line. You will receive this quest from Ambrose after you completed talking to bear in shopping district.

For Celestia you will need to be level 48 and finish the final countdown.

May 29, 2009
no.... it wasnt their before i had the quest 'the final countdown' but after i had completed that quest then i got the quest 'king of the bears' and besides i completed those quests to get int grizzleheim WAY before i started working through the grizzleheim.

And my death character was level 50 when i finished 'the final countdown'