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Jotun tips and advice

Dec 16, 2009
I need some help with Jotun. I've done his dungeon once before and was about to fight the boss at the end when I had to log off (HUGE bummer). However, I wonder if anybody has any tips about defeating him. I'm not really looking for spoilers, but what school is he? Strength estimate? I don't care much about drops, but I do need to know what kind of schools and skills I should bring with me (a.k.a., which friends do I need to ask for help?). I'm level 46 Ice, so what kind of advantage do I have? .... Okay, so maybe I am looking for a FEW spoilers here, but I just like to be prepared. Oh, and if anybody else has this quest, say so and maybe we can team and do it together. Thanks! 8)

May 22, 2009
My advice would be to do the side dungeons first to eliminate his brothers. The side dungeons are located to the left and right of the hall of valor. They are Helgrind Warren and Winterdeep Warren. By doing this when you fight Jotun he will only have a minion with him. Things to remember.

1) you do not have to do the dungeons on the same day.

2) If someone who has not done the side dungeons enters the Hall of Valor with you, then Jotun's brothers will be there.

3) Someone who has not done the side dungeons can PORT to you but you must first pass the doorway that is up and right of the entrance.

4) If someone ports to you once you are past that door, you can not go back through the door. This will trigger the brothers into making an appearance.

5) If you go through that doorway and hear Jotun's challenge then you know the brothers will be there. If you do not hear a challenge Jotun will be alone.

6) If by chance, someone who has not done the side dungeons ports to you before you go through that doorway, Jotun's brothers will not appear as long as they leave BEFORE you pass that doorway.

All these tips I learned through trial and error after farming those dungeons for days.

Another option, is to fight Jotun and his brothers together. It is possible, but longer and by doing the side dungeons you can get more loot.

Hannah Lifebringer Level 50 Life

PS. The Book is in Winterdeep Warren and the Yardbird is in Helgrind Warren.

Dec 16, 2009
Thanks so much for those tips! I just finished the dungeon the other day with two of my friends, and it was long and hard, because it had Jotun, his minion, and his two brothers, but we made it in the end. Something I found that helps a TON: take several friends to flee and port. Cuts the time it takes to get to the boss in half that way. We also didn't waste many pips on healing... we hit our opponents hard and when one of us died, they just fled, drained a potion, and ported back. So maybe fighting all the brothers at once isn't exactly the fastest or easiest way to do it, but it was fun and our strategy worked well. If anybody has any other tips for other people with this quest, please post! 8)