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jotun the grendel

Aug 03, 2011
i sent this to Mr. Balestrom's laboratory, but i had a thought that I might not get help there, so i thought I might get help here. So Bladure Goldpaws, or wizards from the spiral, i need tips on how to beat Jotun, a powerful grendel with powerful brothers. Is there any way to best him, cause the only plans i got are: using henchmen, or waiting till I'm level 80, and I know that neither of these plans will work. I'm open to suggestions on beating Jotun and sending him to his doom. And if no one knows anything, then sorry to be a bother.

Mar 05, 2010
When you go in to the area, you will notice there is three areas to enter, the center one and one on the left and right, clear the main bosses of the left and right areas then you will only need to fight jotun alone.