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Jotun- Is he hard as Malistare or not?

Mar 24, 2009
Hi! I'm Amber Rosepetal ( aka Amber Ironforge ) and I was fighting Jotun with my friends for eternity, Emily rainbowheart ( Level 36 Magus Balance ) Matthew Lightbreaker ( Level 50 Grandmaster Death ) And Joshua Mythstone ( Level 47 Master Fire ) and I was wondering, Is Malistare harder than Jotun? Matthew said Yes. We've all agreed on yes. So i'd like to take a vote. Who is Harder?

A. Malistare
B. Jotun
C. Another boss that you think s super-hard

Best luck and good wishes-oops i'm dead,
Amber Rosepetal (aka Amber Ironforge) ( Level 50 Grandmaster Pyromaster) 8)

Jul 21, 2009
I finished Jotun yesterday with one other wizard. I failed to solo him ten times previously. If the four of you couldn't kick him to the floor, I can only assume you were fighting Jotun with his two brothers (and one guard) by his side.

If you go to the dungeons on either side of Jotun's dungeon and defeat the brothers individually, they won't show up when you fight Jotun. From what I've read, everyone in the party has to have defeated the brothers, or they will still show up.

Also, one of the Yardbirds is in a brother's dungeon.

I haven't fought Malistaire yet, but I'll vote a Storm boss more annoying than a Death boss any day.

Adam Ashfriend - Grandmaster Pyro