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Jotun in Nidaveller did I just get lucky?

Feb 08, 2013
Ok not sure if it was a bug or if I just got lucky. This is my third wizard going through Nidaveller and the brothers. Last time I decided to do all three dungeons so I would only have to face Jotun alone with a single minion. Well this time I did Winterdeep Warren (one on the right) I snuck past all the minions directly to the boss fight, then went to Helgrind Warren (left side) I only did the first battle when you first walk in the door so I could get the 8th yard bird. I then decided heck I was just going to go ahead and face Jotun, well to my surprise I only had to face Jotun and a single minion with a little over 1000 health, I had a pretty easy time this time around. This ever happen to anybody else?

Dec 27, 2011
I guess you are lucky but I have only attempted to do the one in the middle.

Antonio, Level 50 Grandmaster Pyromancer

Mar 07, 2011
Interesting. Maybe just doing the opening fight satisfies the script for the Jotun fight. Next time I have to fight Jotun I'll try it out.