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Jotun in Nidaveller?

Aug 30, 2010
I am a level 47 Balance wizard and I need help defeating Jotun. I am unsure how to get past him and his brothers. I have read other players' posts about this, but they are all out dated for me. Some tips and/or a group formation would be greatly appreciated!

Alura Darkgem

Mar 20, 2010
Hello, Alura. I was having the same problem. However, one can defeat his brothers separately and then fight him alone. To do this, enter the instances on either side of him and get to his brothers; one is a maze and one you must fight monsters to fight each brother separately. Then go into Jotun's instance and fight him. He will have only a minion by his side, unless you have another person (or several people) with you who has (have) not done both instances, who entered the instance, or ported before you got to the fight. If any people port while you fight Jotun's brothers will not appear.

I hope this helped. Wintertusk is notorious for multiple boss fights, so expect more of this up ahead.

I can help you at an arranged time, place, and realm if you require more assistance.

-Myrna DeathBlood, Grandmaster Diviner