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Is it even Worth it?!

Jun 26, 2009
Is Gh even worth the trouble doing? I mean it gives you NO experince for people who are on the hard bosses. Plus they dont even give you a cool badge for completing it! I just hope celestia wont be like Gh.I am so FRUSTRATED { Throws Keyboard} So whats your opinion? Worth it or Not?

Luke Griffenspear Fire GM ( Ravenscar GH) 8)
Austin StormBringer Storm level 23 kt

Feb 14, 2009
i say yes, when you want to lvl up and your out of quests you want to do
but this is a matter of opinion
some of the bosses give really good drops and they might add drops when a new world comes out

Aug 15, 2009
GH is nice really. Good graphics decent storyline. And Jotun has grown on me.

What would have been better and more interesting is if GH was an option to MB from Krok to Mooshu. Nothing against MB but personally, its too modern. And there are no Statues in GH. that little statuette from zeke quest dont count. I mean how come there isnt a bear statue or a grendel statue or a Jotun statue.

SRY getting off topic.

GH is a good time killer when the friends you are questing with arent around and you want something to do while not getting ahead of them.

That saying, i am not too sure what to expect at this time from celestia but would be nice if they upped the lvl cause, without doing GH I can grand up at crystal grove. Nothing against being a GM other than it seems to go down hill from there.

Feb 03, 2010
I am spending alot of time there, and really liking this world. Mainly went there to kill some time while my friend catches up to me so we can do DS together. And now that I've beat Jotun it's becoming more interesting in Ravenscar...As to the question, is it worth it, not sure how to answer that. I guess I'd say, I wouldn't make it a top priority, but I'm glad its there, I need a break from DS...that's where my frustration resides.