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Is Grizzlehiem worth it?

Jul 20, 2009
OK, big question, is Grizzlehiem REALLY worth it? I mean i haven't done anything in Grizzlehiem but the only reason I would try to finish it is for fighting those raven dudes at the end. They give great wands.
So I leave it to you, is Grizzlehiem worth it? Give me all the GOODS and BADS of finishing Grizzlehiem. thx

May 27, 2009
I love Grizzleheim. I like how it's different sections are geared for the growing wizard at different levels. There are great runs for the reagents you need to find for crafting. Most of the gear looks really cool, and gives good stats for the levels. I know many people say it doesn't give a lot of experience, but as a side world, optional, etc., it's not really meant to give all that much. If you do it at the right levels, it is really fun.

Dec 02, 2008
Very very true. Not much XP but the gold=a lot of $$$ in your pocket plus so many bosses drop No Auction stuff that is awesome! :-D. And I do love the scenery a LOT. Such a beatiful forest, icy world ;). I'd do it if I were you, plus the ravens not only drop wands ( I got 3 wands in one fight once and got every school wand in just 4 tries. ) but other No Auction equipment and the new Silverback Wildclaw pet if your lucky. PLUS they are fun to beat and they give stuff to sell for a lot more $$$. Also, the Hall of Valor. An awesome challenge with Jotun and his bros ( I prefer to do them all at once with help instead of wasting time doing the other long dungeons to beat his brothers, plus this is an exciting challenge ) and only one boss ( Ullik ) in there doesnt drop a pet :-). Do GH, it's awesome! Hope I helped ;)

Jun 18, 2008
Willowdreamer wrote:
..., but as a side world, optional, etc., it's not really meant to give all that much.

yeah.... but ooooffff... the difference in XP seems to be huge... I was close to leveling and kept checking, figuring the next boss HAD to level me... that bar just wouldn't move...

My suggestion is to get a piece of duct tape and just stick it right over the XP bar on the screen. Then just go over and cruise the area... if you don't realize how much XP you are getting (or not getting) you will find the area enjoyable, the boss drops are good, and it is quicker and less annoying than some of the other areas.

Mar 24, 2009
Aah, Grizzleheim.
The world it's self is made for the people who aren't grandmasters and who dont have any quests left. And for other people who are bored with the other worlds. (Especially Marleybone, due to the fact of the no sidewalks thing). Grizzleheim is a good thing to get for:
•The scenery is beautiful
• There's cool drops
•The people there are really nice

Anyway, I hope that really helps. The xp amount is bad...but....it sort of makes up with the scenery and drops.
Hope it helps!
-Amber Rosepetal