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Is anybody doing Nastrond?

Apr 27, 2009
Today marks my third attempt at realm hopping to try and find at least one person waiting to do Nastrond. My friends are either not interested or not at the level of Nastrond. Is anybody out there willing to help me with Nastrond?

Here is when I can:

When: Thursday, September 8 from 4pm - 7pm
Friday, September 9 from 4pm - 7pm
Saturday, September 10 from 3pm - 8pm

Where: Vampire District in front of the sigils

Who: Nora Ravenward, Level 60 Ice

Lemme know :-D

Feb 14, 2010
You can also look for (more immediate) help at Wizard101central.com on their In Game Quest Help and Meetups Forum:


Jan 05, 2011
Last night i discovered that a friend on my list had a 12 hour time difference from me. Posting your time zone may be to your benefit when setting up meeting times. -eli and crew

Jun 15, 2009
Well I have that quest, bit since I am level 60 and can gain no more xp i just left it ( and many other) for later use, is so that a next level presents it self, but yeah I can lend you a hand.
I normally be at waterworks or tower of helephant every day.
Name: Anthony CrowValult
School: Ice
Mount: Black panter

Apr 12, 2011
:-D I am just doing nastrond and believe me its hard but i do need some help at it so if you see me make sure you say hey to me so i can recognize ya lol

Name: Jasmine RoseGem
School: Fire
Mounts:Gold wyvern, Seraph wings, Nightflame pegasus, Fairy wings, or Bengal tiger

Jasmine RoseGem Grandmaster Pyromaster

Apr 30, 2010
i will help 8) i will meet you at the gates on realm seraph 12:00 pm (noon)

Name: Flint StrongVault

time: 12:00 pm

day 9-30-11

mount: none

Flint StrongVault

Sep 01, 2009
I am trying to find people to join as well. I am usually on during in the morning (EST) in Wraith realm. If you happen to see me, give me a shout and we can try and finish Wintertusk. Thanks!

Molly, Legendary Life and Muffin, Epic Forest Lord