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in niverdale 4 dungeons?

Feb 16, 2010
okay when i used to be a member i never new what the dungeons in niverdale (i think thats how you spell it) but you guys all talk about three dungeons for the three brothers. then why do i remember three dungeons on the top floor and if you go right and turn there is a 4th dungeon! can any of you tell me what that dungeon is and whats it for maybe. and if that jotutn's what is the one where his brothers aren't for? please spread some light on this for me. if your able to give me any info thanks in advance. i just want to know in case i do the wrong one for nothing. also what happens if you already beat a few before you got the quest. i might have already killed some brothers when i was a lower lvl. will they still be there?

thanks for listening and sorry it was long
-jack skullbreeze master of fire