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idreld is impossible

Jun 05, 2010
igot the quest to get the humongofrog pet the boss is super hard one question why myth were myth i tried everything to try to win polymorph makes me die faster

convert takes to long and makes me get more damage

heal regurley kills me faster

and to make things worse its solo the only way to win is if i get a minion and the bad ones that heal themselfs and barely attack the ones in crown shop how do i beat kingsisle please change his school or health or sell the level 60 gear again its so madening :x :x

Dec 14, 2009
I will never understand why players continuously post that a particular quest or boss is impossible. Impossible means that something can not be done or accomplished,no matter what you do!. And yet, you post it knowing that others,lots of others,have indeed accomplished this feat. Consider what you post carefully. There is a huge difference in posting an opinion,and posting a complete falsehood. You are judged by others in your actions,spoken and written word. Make sure your posts reflect the truth, and not a completely baseless claim.

Mar 18, 2009
I used medusa on minion (1 hit boost) followed by myth 120 wand attack. 1 medusa on the boss and I believe 2 Cyclops. Converts prior to all. The medusa stuns were really awesome for receiving no damage for two turns. The rest of the time, I was healing.

Dec 16, 2009