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I need some help please

Jan 06, 2012
I am a level 43 blance/death wizard and I can't defeat the 4 ravens in the fortress. each has 4,000 life and if anyone would like to give me a hand that would be great. They are life, death, storm, and fire; and they are really kicking my backside each tie I go in there. I'm on all day today if you can make it. My wizards name is Hunter Legendheart.

Thanks in advance. ~ Gunner

May 03, 2011
Hi Gunner--

I didn't see this post till today, so I don't know if you still need help. In general, Wizard101 Central is a better place to look for immediate (or same-day) assistance. Usually someone can help within a few minutes to an hour. However, if you still need help with the Ravens, leave a note here and we can set up a time. I'll be happy to lend a hand.

Tabitha (level 70 Myth and Death, level 63 Life)