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I need help

Mar 31, 2013
There are 3 bosses I can't defeat can someone help me they are:

Hod Mindseeker in Austrilund
Frostbranch in Austrilund and
Gnar in Austrilund

Can anyone help me please?

my name is Megan Skullbane I am sitting on my lion outside of the hod mindseeker in austrilund.

Feb 26, 2012
Well, It can be hard to get help through the message boards. There is a delay between your posting and the rest of us being able to read the post, and then more delay in finding time that you and others are in the game at same time.

Also, to get help from others, we in the community will need more specifics than you gave us. You need to let us know what realm you are in, as well as the world and the location in the world. Then you need to set a date and a time when you will be in that realm/world/location.

If you see any of my wizards by chance, I'm usually glad to help when I am online. But without knowing the realm you are in the chances are slim.

Finnigan Windrunner, lvl 90

Aedan Stormcaller, lvl 60

Alric Mythweaver, lvl 51