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How to make the fight with Jotun easyier!

May 28, 2009
what up peoples
ok i know like EVERYONE thinks jotun is hard, but i have fought him like a hundred times and its never hard with me around. I'm a grandmaster life so if you want help post back with this info: character name, time to meet (dont forget time zone), day to meet, and where to meet my character name is Autumn Swiftgem.

Aug 06, 2009
sanmil0963 wrote:
chrisrock786 wrote:
how do u get the quest anyway

You have to be at level 40 and complete the quest of Savarstand and Mirkholm. Once you do these, you will get an audience with the king and he will give you the quest.

I've reached level 45, completed Savarstand and Mirkholm, and still didn't get an audience with the king. How is this done? (I've already gone in and beaten Jotun twice for fun with a level 20 character. We set it up so I would enter first and use my fire-death character to do most of the damage, and he used his balance-life character to keep me alive and shielded. He had a few judgement treasure cards he would use to inflict damage when his pip screen was full.)

Mar 30, 2009
i am alevel 46 and have done all my quests so far alone.i have found that fot this quest u need as many people as possible.i almost had ullic beat and i ran out of cards.spent 8 hrs.doing it so i was quite upset.if their is anyone out their that also needs help with this quest please write something on this.u can pick date and time.i'm pretty much always around so anytime is good for me.most of u it would be after school or weekens.please this is the last place i have to best besides ravenscar and i can;t get into their either.any thoughts on that let me know.thanks kiley dragon dreamer