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how do i go to ravencar?

Dec 23, 2009
i need to go to ravenscar but i cant...can anyone tell me how to get there? or do i need to speak to somebody first in order to go to ravenscar?
plz help me

May 04, 2009

someone asked this before...
here's the reply...

"Young Wizard, the answer you seek is at the top of the Grizzleheim section of the message boards.
While you are on Baldur Goldpaw's assignment, you can use the boat behind him to travel to Grizzleheim.

Once you have completed Baldur Goldpaw's assignment, and you are over level 20, speak to Merle Ambrose.

If you are under level 20, you will need to wait until you have reached that level before you can enter Grizzleheim again.

When you are Level 25 you will be able to begin the quest Lending a Paw.

When you are Level 30 you will be able to begin the quest Full Grizzle Jacket.

When you are Level 40 you will be able to begin the quest The King and I.

Lydia Greyrose
Professor of Ice Magic
community@wizard101.com "

Feb 15, 2009
You must complete Mirkolm Keep or be Level 40 or higher to get there. :)

Jun 16, 2009
When you become a master wizard you get a quest from Baldur Goldpaws. He asks you to defeat Juton in Hall of Valor. after you do that you can go to Ravebscar. but bringfrineds. Juton has 9,000 health with two other people who have 8,000 health. Be carefull.