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How do I get -back- to Grizzleheim?

Dec 17, 2010
I wish that all of the (young)wizards could return before level 20.I mean,why level 20Why not level 8 or somethingI believe that maybe Kroktopia is more fun.I mean I've been there from tracking down a friend there.But I'm not gonna complete my quests there for a while. maybe I could track him down again when he's there But I saw that he was in Dragonspyre so he probaly won't be there until he's like a headmaster or something. Well I need XD so give me a minute................................................................................... From all this talking it's making me hungry so... ...so long,suckers!

Dec 12, 2009
After I got the quest from the headmaster, I think that you should let younger levels do some of the quest too. At least let them talk to people to get the story of Grizzleheim. :)

Cori Firegem, lvl 36, Pyromancer

Nov 04, 2010
I am Level 35 and working on GH currently but i wanted you to notice that I'm still in savarstaad pass. Is there any way you can tell me where the other quests you mentioned are? Cause that would be great

Chase Nightbreath, Magus Level 35 Pyromancer *

*Also training life and death

Jan 18, 2011
lexi3223 wrote:
I can't wait to get back to grizzleheim! I'm level 18 right now and I am in kroktopia. Grizzleheim's quests are more fun to me though... why do you have to be a level 20 to go back!? I'm just wondering!
beacuse the enimies have 620 health in the first area of gh and the bosses have 1000 health hope i helped :D :D

Adept Necromancer
Sunken city surviror

Aug 03, 2012
I have not been in grizzleheim very long, as I'm only level 26, but when you reach level 20, a little bubble with Merle Ambrose in it will pop up on the right side of your screen, click on it, and he should be telling you to come see him. Hope this helped!

-Molly EmeraldSong, Level 26, Adept Theurgist,

Dec 07, 2013
TeamLeo739 on Feb 10, 2015 wrote:
Does GrizzleHeim cost crowns?
Yes, it does. Prices for zones are listed here:


Apr 05, 2013
what do i do in the mean time during grizzleheim because he told me to go home and i have no idea what to do or go it is getting boring can somebody help

Jun 10, 2015
Once you are level 20, talk to Ambrose and you can go back via world gate

May 23, 2009
I talked to Baldur Goldpaws then rode the boat to Grizzleheim. I started to look for Vidar Silverthread and then something happened and I was logged out. When I logged back in I was still in Grizzleheim but I got a message that I had arrived there a secret way and needed to go talk to Goldpaws. When I go to Goldpaws he tells me to go talk to Stormfriend etc. to complete the first quest, which I have, but when I do they don't want to talk to me. How do I fix this?

Jun 01, 2012
So basically after maxing my myth character I decided that I wanted to make a balance, after level 36 I remembered that you needed to do grizzleheim/wintertusk to get a few spells, so I went to baldur in olde town and started his quest, when I got to the hub area of grizzleheim (I believe it is a separate instance from actual grizzleheim, since there is a dungeon recall) I noticed that my quest helper was not showing up on any quests, so I got off of my balance and went back on. My quest helper was fixed, however my balance was now in olde town and I could not either go to grizzleheim or the quest instance to start grizzleheim. I believe this has happened to many other people and would like to know if there is a fix for it that I can do. I dont really have to do grizzleheim but the extra exp and spells do help out (especially in pvp for level 72 and 75 with mana burn and supernova)

- TalonTitanTalon level 130

Dec 28, 2020
wait to you are level 20 then talk to merl ambros

Apr 21, 2015
So I see that I am not the only one that this has happened to. Is there any fix?

I took a break from playing for a few years and now I'm back to active playing. In my quest log i have talk to buldar goldpaws. when i speak to him, he tells me to talk to people in grizzleheim, but then nothing happens. when i go to grizzleheim through the world door in ravenwood; i get told that i arrived through a secret passage and no one is ready to talk to me.

So, how do I fix it so that I can play it again and clear it from my quest log? Also, my character is level 46 and growing.

Jul 03, 2011
My character which is level 42 was having problems getting there, but i just reloaded the game and it ended up working for me.