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Mar 29, 2010
I haven't checked all the boards for Grizzleheim so this topic may already have been discussed but I've been wondering why hasn't the turtle made it to gh yet there isn't a gh house why not?

There are two Grizzleheim houses! One can be found in the Crowns Shop and the other must be crafted.

I am Baldur GoldPaws, a trader from far-off Grizzleheim. I have sailed across the great sea of skies to guide you in all things related to my home world.
Jun 12, 2010
I don't get why you have to craft a house in GH.
Why can't you have the option to buy a house like all the other spiral worlds?

May 09, 2010
i dont understand why they cant just have houses for sale for grizzleheim instead of just crafting one or buying one from the crown shop. to me that just sounds really stupid, who is going to take all their time to get all the things that you need for it and take the time to buy a craft table to build it and then wait for it to be done so that you can move in. THAT IS JUST PLAIN STUPID!

Aug 16, 2010
May 27, 2009
Many people enjoy crafting and have crafted the Watchtower Hall - it is an awesome house - well worth the time and effort.

Dec 05, 2010
It's way to expensive. I teleported to one of my friends in MB to buy a house there. The Metropolitan Manor costs 12,000 gold.

Dragons Fjord=100,000 Gold or 10,000 Crowns
Watchtower Hall=60,000 Gold+Supplies

I'm going to try to skip that quest. I hope I can. Currently, I'm saving my money for the Royal Estate. This wouldn't help it at all.

Oct 23, 2010
I have often wondered why there are no houses available for purchase in GH, as well. There IS a shop in the commons area that has a banner showing furniture AND housing, but ONLY furniture is available. GH is may favorite area of the Wizard Spiral and I would love to have a GH inspired home. I did buy the recipe to make the one crafting house, but after a month of working on collecting reagents to craft it - I gave up. At that point, I still had a very long way to go to craft the house & I just don't have the time to spend looking for everything needed to craft it......it is just way too time consuming. :(