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Helgrind Warren

Feb 22, 2018
I've finished all of my quests in Ravenscar, and am currently just starting out in Hrundle Fjord, but before I continue on there, I was wondering how exactly I would get to Helgrind Warren? I still have the Helgrind Warren yardbird left, but I never remember going there. I read somewhere else that I have to get Jontun's quest but I can't figure out how to find that either and there's nothing anywhere telling me how to get it. If you can help, then thanks.

A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009
Go to the big blue palace under the bridge, where you fought Jotun.

Helgrind warren is a side dungeon, I think the one on the left. Inside, you must fight some Balance colossus types and defeating them will open up a set of doors. The yardbird is hidden inside the Storm room, off to the left on a rock. You don't have to fight the storm boss in there, just slip inside to grab the yardbird.

Alia Misthaven

Jun 02, 2017
A really easy way to find a place is to use the map. Using it, you can see that Helprin Warren is in Nidavellir.
Hope that helps