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Harmful Monsters Turn Unharmful

Jul 01, 2008
Hey, creators of Grizzleheim,
I absolutely LOVE how in Grizzleheim, for most of the bosses and monsters you defeat, their name is first red, and then once you defeat them they turn green and are no longer harmful, so I can navigate pass them easier and not have to dodge them consistently, while always at the high risk of being pulled into battle. I just have one simple request: that this can happen in the other worlds of Marleybone, MooShu, and Dragonspyre as well--monsters turning unharmful after you defeat them, or their species. Thank you, and I would be extremely grateful to see this change happen if it wouldn't be too much additional effort!
Amber Pixiefountain
Master Theurgist Level 40
Current Question World: MooShu