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Hallof Valor Grizzleheim

Aug 09, 2009
When i got there, I battled 2 creatures at a time but when I got to the bottom. There were 4 creatures waiting to battle. 1 had maybe 1250 health 2 had 8,000 and 1 had 9,000
Is this level suppose to be for the higher up people. It is a dunngeon so you can pick off one at a time but theres no way I have enpugh spells or cards to beat a clan like this. Even with 3 more friends, it would be tough....Whats in Hall of Valor??
Any suggestions

Feb 07, 2010
In hall of valor is jotun and his two bros. You can defeat the other guys in the two dungeons next to hall of valor

Nov 13, 2009
this is a higher level quest Jotun. you can make it longer but easier though.

When you go to Nidavellir you are faced with the 3 doors.

Fight everyone in the left and right doors first then you get to eliminate 2 of the brothers that you saw before (7000 and 8000 bosses).

now fight the guys through the middle door as before and you will only have 2 guys to fight, Jotun and a minion.

it works out about 20 fights but it does make it possible to do it alone.

if you do it with friends they must all do the side doors to get just Jotun and a minion at the end.

hope this helps you