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Guardian spirit

Jul 09, 2009
So I'm just going to say this from my level 77 life wizard P.O.V, and it's about the guardian spirit spell being in grizzlehiem

First things first, where do you get gs? I checked online and it says you get it from a guy in north guard. I checked him out, and there was no GS spell for me

Then it also said some reagent vendor in Avalon. I went, no GS quest for me.

If I have the places wrong, please tell me, if not, keep on reading

Now I'm not a side quester, so I'm not a GH person. And I was wondering, I am level 75, where is my GS spell? So I researched the above.

This is where I sort of got ticked. Grizzlehiem is supposed to be a side world, and there is NO reason I should have to go there to get my GS spell.

I looked at the prequests, and it says I need to get brilliant light first.

Well, I wish I would of known that because I would of did GH back then so I could get my spell. Now I have to go back and do all these quests, not knowing how long it will take me to get to GS?

Sep 17, 2012
You have to have completed the previous level spell quests first. The level 72 spell for Mass Triage is the last spell before Guardian Spirit. You get that one in Avalon from Friar Nolan


that one leads to


If you haven't done the lower level spell quests that really are in Grizzleheim, you need to start there first.