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Grizzlehiem Incomplete?

Oct 10, 2008
Does anyone else think that maybe KI should have spent more time on Grizzlehiem? I mean, there's no badges, no pets, and several characters who do nothing at all, such as Imric GloomLight the cryptkeeper in Northguard. I feel like doing quests in Grizzlehiem is pointless, since it goes from way too easy to completely hard and barely possible and after you do all the insanely hard bosses and ridiculous quests , then you get absolutely nothing to reward your efforts! :-( :-( :-(

Jun 23, 2009
yes it seems that grizzleheim was sort of rushed.

don't forget castles, they have a castle shop but no shopkeeper. i can only assume they are working on it.

although i was pretty disappointed when you said no badges... i love collecting them, and i've gotten pretty far on this world, and when you said it has no badges, i looked, and you were right.

i can't really help you here, just wait it out, kings isle will update it soon enough.

Dec 23, 2008
I absolutely love Grizzleheim. It's probably my favorite zone in the game, despite its many flaws. But yes -- I have to agree that you get the sense it was rushed out the door before it was ready. From blank placeholders like Gloomlight to numerous typos and text/voice miscues, it should have spent a little more time with the development staff.