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Grizzleheim Rules!!!!

Apr 24, 2010
I don't know why, but I love GH!!!! Here are things to prove it........
1. I have the dragons fjord, a Gh house
2. I am going to Grizzleheim a lot lately
Ok I know that's not much, but GH RULES!!!!! I love the theam, how it is all forest theamed, and all the pine trees, the dirt paths, no sidewalks, wolfs, bears, snow, ice = AWESOME!!! JUST AWESOME!!! I love the cute little bear who walks around northguard. I mean he is just so cute!!!! Yes I know Grizzleheim gives like NO exprirense, but really, it's ok!! Grizzleheim is a side world, if you don't like how much exprirense it gives, you don't have to do it!!! Grizzleheim is the best!!!!!!! I love it!!!! I know a lot of people hate it, but I'm sure there are some people who like it. So, if you like or not like Grizzleheim, post your opinion here. So for me, GRIZZLEHEIM ROCKS!!!!!!

Dec 19, 2010
Me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the cute little bears are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i got to grizelhiem at level 5 and it was love at first site!!!WHO CARES if it gives NO experience! i love at the entrance to northguard theres a little rainbow you can walk on. Some people might say its a waste of time in the begining but when you get into it you will love it! long story short GRIZZHIAM ROCKS!