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Grizzleheim quest: the lore of the runes

Dec 10, 2008
Hi, i'm new to the message boards but when i first reached lvl 20 i got to go to Grizzleheim. I accidentally clicked the quest the lore of the runes and i do not know how to start it. Can i have some help :-(?

My user name is Steven LotusRider.

thx ;) 8)

Nov 07, 2009
If i'm right, i believe you just have to go looking for books, these can usually be found in dingeons and near boss battles. I might not be thinking of the right quest though, i haven't been to GH in a while. Oh, and you can't have quest helper with it.

Anna Winterflame- Level 50 Balance
Belgrim Foebreaker- Level 8 Death

Aug 14, 2009
I need help as well. For all you people who say, "Go to Wizard 101 Central,"
I don't use those sites, I find them too hard to navigate. I can't find the books in the Grizzleheim commons, and it's driving me nuts! :x Please, can I, and the guy who posted this, have some help?

-Caitlin Nightrider, Level 20 Theurgist

May 27, 2009
You can't collect the book in Northgard until you are able to get in to see the King - somewhere around level 35-40. You have to complete the Mirkholm Keep area before Bjorn Ironclaw lets you inside. Although, if you have a friend who can get inside, you could port.