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Grizzleheim Explorer Badge

Jun 11, 2009
I'am wondering, after you complete the Yard Bird quest Zeke gives you, do you get the badge Grizzleheim Explorer? I saw on a website after you find all of the 10 birds, you get the badge. Like in MB, you will get Marleybone Explorer and in Dragonspyre you'll get Dragonspyre Explorer etc. So I am wondering, can you or will you get the Grizzleheim Explorer Badge?
Please help me :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

8)Justin DeathBringer lvl 35 Thergist 8)

Mar 15, 2009
I have found all the yard birds, talked to Zeke and did not receive the Explorer badge. Currently I'm working on getting all the badges. I sent a message to "support" and thus far have not received a reply about it. I hope the either fix the problem soon or let us know if we need to do something else in order to get that badge.

Haley Goldenheart
Level 50