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Grizzleheim Deck Shop?

Jul 01, 2008
I was wondering is that in Grizzleheim there was a Deck Shop? There is a shop for everything else, with the exception of Deck/Pets. I really want to get a new deck, and so far I have unlocked from Krokotopia through Marleybone. The best Life deck in Marleybone, which I have bought, seems to not have enough Max Spells for me [teehee], and I would like another deck. Professor Greyrose, could do maybe do something about the shopping district in Grizzleheim and add a Deck Shop? That would be so helpful if you could, but if you can't, it's ok too :) I'll just wait to finish Marleybone and unlock MooShu. Hopefully, they will have a Deck Shop...do they?
Thanks so much for your answers and time,
Amber Pixiefountain
Level 33 Magus Theurgist