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May 25, 2009
I am level 58 and I really need help with Grisletusk to get Forest Lord so does anyone have any strategies or any gear you think could help Also I'm wondering weather or not to rely on the storm polymorph Cat Bandit. Thank you!

- Wolf BearGem, level 58

Jun 25, 2011
since you are level 58 i would try bazaar for best stuff right now but once you hit level 60 definitely go for waterworks gear.

Aug 15, 2012
I beat Grisletusk, What you need to do is max out life prisms and satyrs in your deck, do not forget spirit shields and life shields because your going to need them when you cast blades and traps on him, he will put a hex on you. I would have 2 reshuffle treasures cards just in case. put plenty of blades and traps in for the boost you need. Attack the bear and take him out first, because he can do heavy damage from the start, then start building up, and healing till you can do heavy damage

I hope this helps

May 25, 2009
Dec 22, 2009
I would like to add that it would make it easier to get the Forest Lord pet first, and use a prism and the Balance Life-Death-Myth blades and traps in conjunction with his spell. These blades and traps you can get from the Balance tree on the Krokosphinx island, which will require 1 training point each, assuming you haven't grabbed them yet.
I do also suggest that you grab as many Wraith treasure cards as you can get, and 2 reshuffle spells and add them to your deck before you go into the battle. If you don't know where to get the reshuffle spells, go to Harold Argleston in the Library at Wizard City. He sells them for 1,100 g each.
Best of luck to all of you!