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grendel darters have lost their minds!

Apr 28, 2009
okay, today i battled some darters. i hit one with a flash attack, doing a mere 75 damage, and he immediately fell down. he even did a physical attack lying down. THE WHOLE TIME. then i used humungofrog, and after being covered in the remains of the titanic amphibian's lunch, came back up. WHAT'S GOING ON HERE!?

Jul 08, 2009
I actually killed mine and he dissapeared but attacks were coming from that direction. Then he came back out of the ground with full heath after I killed him and did 5 lightning bats with 1 pip. Only one. The same one. Is this a joke because I don't think it is funny I can't even beat the quest

Kymma RavenTalon
lvl 20
Adept Promaancer
Almost at level 20 without the stupid grendels
Pet milo the krok not on me
weaaring a helmet withhorns on red
a red outfit with a fur cape
and red and black shoes with spikes on them
Say hi if you see me

Heckhounds Rule!

Apr 22, 2009
ok you arnt crazy one time it happend in moo shoo but like i said it is

Apr 28, 2009
gabber16 wrote:
ok you arnt crazy one time it happend in moo shoo but like i said it is
what the heck did you just say?!

Dec 14, 2008
bug always watch your enemy in mooshu.... I had this probablem getting to father drake or greyscale..... sad thing was that a little drake I killed I didnt pay attnetion and he bugged and he had 5pips and poof firezilla..... so always make sure you kill them....same thing happened when I was fighting SKELLEK it is bad in grizzleheim and parts o mooshu.