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Gotta check this out

Apr 05, 2009
Ok so I know I cant be the only one with this problem. I am a level fifty death wizard and I beat the game about a month or so before grizzle came out. Came back to do grizzle and I am stuck. I have read others getting lost because they are not high enough levels, this is not the case with me. I have beat all but the Nedevelier or however it is spelled part. I have gone back to wizard city, then back to grizzle and all he does is welcome me. How do I get these quests? Who do I need to talk to?

Dec 11, 2008
Same question here. Ambrose sends you back, you get greeted and then nothing. I have finshed Joten and the four ravens, but is that it...... No mas?

Mar 23, 2009
And again, am in the same boat you all are! Level 50, everything complete except Nidavellir and can NOT find the dude to give me the quest for it. I still need the yardbird and the book in this area! Someone please help!

Jasmine Rainsong
Level 50
Grandmaster Conjurer
dragon Elvis or orthrus Rufus

Dec 23, 2008
If you've done everything except Nidavelir, then you are taking things out of order. This game doesn't work that way. You start in Northgate, and follow the quests until you end up in Raventhorn.

After you finish Mirkholm (or is it Vigrid?), the bear in front of the King's hall (can't remember his name) gives you permission to speak to the King. Immediately, the King should tell you that you've stirred up trouble with the Grendels and that Jotun wants to give you an atomic wedgie. That will be the Nidavelir quest. Finish that, and you may go on to Ravenscar.