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Getting all the quest

Sep 25, 2013
I posted this in Celestia but i really belongs here. My question is my life wizard is starting Celestia but it hasn't went through all of Grizelheim ( Wintertust in fact) and I can't get the quest to go there so I can't get the outfits .
My Balence wizard is Lvl. 54 and a lot farther in Celestia, but going back to do wintertusk and it's hard to do alone but she did get a little bit. My life wizard is Lvl. 48.
Do all wizards have to do each zone and how do I fix this so I can get back on tract?

You have completed the quest "Walking Wounded" given to you by Ingolf Moonheart in Mirkholm Keep.
You need to speak to Wulfric Foesbane in Mirkholm Keep to obtain the quest "Leaders of the Pack".