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Frostholm - Ivan Andersson quest reset?

Oct 30, 2012
I was in the middle of battle with Ivan Andersson or whatever his name is in Frostholm and my connection timed out. I had to reset my router. I logged back in and went to select the quest again. When I did this - the only quest option for Frostholm was to 'talk to Ivan Andersson'. I had not defeated him because the connection timed out. When I returned to Frostholm, I was given the second quest of defeating him but now I cannot access the wood doors and cannot 'talk' to anyone in Frostholm to restart the dungeon quest.

Do I have to wait for the dungeon to reset itself? If so, how long??

Thanks in advance :)


May 13, 2011
The quest "Holm Sweet Holm" is what is telling you "Talk to Ivar Anderson". Ignore it. That's just the quest leading you into the dungeon. When you enter you enter the dungeon, you should get a quest. I have absolutly no idea what is is, but it will tell you to talk to Ulric Oathbreaker. Then it will lead you through the dungeon. If you have already gotten some experiance and progress in the dungeon, then it will tell you what ever you need to do. After a little while it will change, but it will still lead you through the dungeon. Good Luck!