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Finding Amaranth

Jun 03, 2012
I am at the quest that requires I find Valerian, Amaranth and Moonwort. to trade Regin Wildleaf, given by the 3 Raven sisters - "Tooth and Leaf". I had no problem finding the Valerian and the Moonwort but I cannot locate Amaranth.

Although I can see it up on a ledge above me when I am near the place where the Sundrilund gate is suppose to be. It appears that there is ice blocking the path and I cannot get through the blocking ice or figure out how to break it down. I cannot move any further in Wintertusk until I finish this quest, please any suggestions for how I can get through the ice or find Amaranth anywhere else would be greatly appreciated.

Sarai Thundrgrove, grandmaster pyromancer

Jun 03, 2012
Ok I am back after a few minutes more, and I accidentally found the amaranth and the way up to the ledge. You actually go in what appears on the map to be the back way. (do not go towards the symbol of the herb on the map) I decided to head towards Austilund and/or Nordilund to see where this would take me and I found a long path through ice that took me up to the ledge. The thing that really was sending me in the wrong direction were the little signs on my screen that move and point you to the "Place" you want to locate. The signsa and arrow for Austrilund or Nortrilund for example were pointing me to those locations not to Sundrilund, the arrow and sign for that location was pointing to the right of my screen. But when I headed towards these locations, magically I got to the gate and path to Sundrilund, So.... goodluck anyone who has the same problem I ran into.

Sarai Thundergrove