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fighting the four coven

Mar 23, 2011
i need help fighting all four coven i have tried bymyself and failed. it would be nice to have an ice student a life student and a death student go with me but i will take anyone witht he ability to defeat them.

I am a level 45 myth student
if you want to know any of my equipment i have or anything just ask

Feb 14, 2010
At level 45 that is a very difficult battle and most people do need help to beat them. Unfortunately this forum is not the best way to obtain help since it is moderated and replies can be delayed for hours (or longer).

If you hang out by the entrance to the Ravens and "jump" among the crowded realms you should be able to find other wizards with the same quest.

You can also ask for help at wizard101central.com in the "In Game Quest Help and Meet Ups" forum. You can generally get a response from other players within 15 to 30 minutes depending on the time of day.

Mar 23, 2011