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enemies using high pip spells from begining?

May 19, 2012
why dose your enemies in the second part of grizzlehime start with cards
using higher pips than they have? this is unfair gameplay to the players.
just finished getting beat because of this in under four rounds of play.
I don't mind losing to an enemy but up to this point never had to fight
an unfair battle from the start. this has nothing to do with strategy or
with skill of a player, over three thousand points from enemies in under
4 rounds. it's rediculouse you have to be level 60 plus to play an area
you start at level 40. even in the out side enemies this problem exists
this game is supposed to be fun but what fun is there in getting beat down
unfairly. since i started the second round of grizzlhiem if I don't have
a friend to help or more for some of these, it becomes a waste. this needs to change
using up my health and other cards just to lose a battle due to this issue
is not fun.

Jul 03, 2010
Wintertusk is meant to be a step up from the main world DragonSprye and a bit above Celestia fighting level, it is in place for your level 58 pet. Going to this world solo and not the proper level can cause defeat a lot, allowing wizards to enter at level 50 is a bit low for what they will face there.

You are better off going there at level 55 or so working you way doing the main story line only and being level 58 by the time you get to the last area. Cave fights may/will still require help but most mob fights you can get suffer though.

As for the pip thing - get used to it - that is how it is going to be from the end of DragonSpyre on. The reason may be that if you had your wizard in top notch fighting condition you would level the monster before it had a chance to even dent you - this is to increase the challenge of the game, the monster gets to spell his big spell usually only once per battle.

The Malestaire Arc is primarily made for family fun and casual gamers such as myself, the rest of the game is geared more toward medium to hardcore gamers who need more excitement in the game during battles or they would leave. KI is trying to be the one size fits all game, really it just makes a divide in the game of us and them sort of thing.

For me, I find no one says you have to cap a wizards level so playing to the end of the game for me can be where ever I choose which currently is a stretch getting to the end of Celestia and I am finding I am working a lot of short cuts to get out of things just to complete it, that isn't really playing the game at that point.