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Elemental and Spiritual Defuse Spell HELP!!!!

Jul 08, 2013
Okay, so i am level 37 balance wizard , and i am still in Mooshu but i really want to train the elemental and spiritual defuse spell, but i dont know how, others says you start with mr. Lincoln and when i went to mr. Lincoln he just have the buy back your training points, other say to go to al zhred in krok, but he just have the hydra. Other says go to goldpa in grizzle but he doesnt have the exclamation point on his head. HELP!! Idk how to get it.

There are 2 requirements to meet to be able to accept the starting spell quest from Baldur Goldpaws in Olde Town, “I Know a Guy…”.
1. Being level 35
2. Having completed the quest “One in the Snout” in Mirkholm Keep

If you meet these requirements, then you can go to Baldur Goldpaws in Olde Town to get the quest “I Know a Guy…”, and then you will talk to Erik Wyrdrune in Northguard to get the quest “Thief of Spells.”

You have a lot of work to do, young Wizard, before you have the second requirement. You're currently working on the quest "I'm with the Band", you will need to complete that, and many others in Grizzleheim and Wintertusk, before you will be eligible for your level 35 utility spells.