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Does Grizzleheim have a mandatory questline?

Dec 09, 2008
Hi, everyone!
I am Dustin MoonCatcher, a GrandMaster Diviner. I have beaten every world in the Spiral besides Grizzleheim, and here is where my question comes around...
Does Grizzleheim have a mandatory questline? I mean, like, if/when Celestia launches, would you have had to complete Grizzleheim to gain access to it? Or is Grizzleheim just one, huge side-quest? I really don't know whether to spend my time in Grizzleheim or not, seeing as I am a GrandMaster and cannot receive and more XP.
If anybody knows the answer to my question, please lemme know. It has been driving me crazy !
-Dustin MoonCatcher, GM Diviner

Jul 14, 2009
Yes it dose have a quest line which starts as you being a ambassador of trade then it goes by being asked by the professor to go there. This is a multi quest area as with all others but i have not seen a badge awarded for this area. I like you am a Grandmaster Diviner so the only thing you gain from this area is by fighting junta or helping other wizards with this quest.