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Does Grizzleheim give good EXP?

Oct 17, 2014
I'm a level 38 wizard. I'll probably be finishing Dragonspyre in the next week or so, and before I start Celestia, I want to raise my level to around 50, maybe a bit higher. I'm fairly certain I could do that by going back through Mooshu and Dragonspyre and doing sidequests, but I feel as though perhaps Grizzleheim may be an easier way to do things.

So my question is, would Grizzleheim give me good EXP for my level - enough to make going through the world worthwhile?

Feb 26, 2012
GH itself does not give very high XP. But it is still very worth doing.

GH is needed to unlock Wintertusk, which gives excellent XP, as well as being the best place to farm bosses for gold, and the best place to get crafting recipes for gear and housing. Also, GH has the best resource for Couch Potato seed farming (the boars in Svarstaad Pass), and CP are one of the best sources for Mega snacks in the game.

Furthermore, GH and WT are needed to unlock your school level spell-quests and spells.

So, even though the XP is not high in GH itself, the overall rewards for doing GH are very worth it. At your level, you should be able to breeze through GH fairly quickly, and get on to Wintertusk where you will really reap the rewards.

Personally, I like GH anyway, it has a great atmosphere and I like the storyline there too.

Sep 07, 2011
It doesn't give much EXP, but it's fun, and it gets you to Wintertusk, which gives great EXP, mountains of gold, and access to spells and good gear.

Just do it :D

Oct 17, 2014
Thank you both, these replies were quite helpful.
I actually played through Grizzleheim quite a few years ago, and it was quite possibly one of my favorite worlds. However, I never played Wintertusk and remember not getting very good EXP from it.

However, I'll definitely give it a try. It was possibly my favorite world due to the atmosphere, and hopefully Wintertusk will be the same!