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Does anyone else hate it?

Jun 07, 2010
I can't stand GH. To many dungeons, Mana, and Hit Point orbs a barely ever to be found, and what I don't get is I noticed that when you look for the Prospector things and when you find one that item gets deleted in the quest inventory, so you can check your log to see how any more items you need to get, and the general location of each item.

In this case it is the yardbirds . Well I checked my log and saw that one bird for an example is located in Vigard Roughland. I know the exact place of this birds location and when I go to it nothing happens, like I had gotten it already. Then why is my quest log still telling Vigard Roughland if I had gotten it already?

Unless there is two birds in the same location which to me is Bull. There should be one Prospector item in anyone area. So we can check our logs to see how many more we need and where to look.

Dec 15, 2008
Yeah, I guess it is a complicated world. But I think before, there wasn't even a GH. The enemies are a little too high ranked if you're still working in KT and just reaching level 20 and higher. Also, they make you fight a boss in the beginning. I just find that a little too harsh, doesn't anyone else think that?

Well I think the main problem is: Mana, and the monsters.

Cheryl Myth, Level 22

Jun 18, 2009
mpetersen68 wrote:
no experience , no good stuff gets dropped , no badges , lots of running back and forth , and the only good thing being some challenging bosses. Grizzlehiem needs some reworking, it lacks those thing that the other worlds have 4 to 1.

I beg to differ...

My brother defeated a boos ONCE in Ravenscar and got an ice bird AND a wold silverclaw. He loves his new pets! And plus, ?Grizzleheim? is the most beautiful world EVER!! I remember when it came out, doing the into quest. Ah, good times. Goooood times. Even though I think you should get more XP and it is too hard

Scarlet Willow
Master Sorcerer Lvl 48- Dragonspyre

Victoria Dusk
Magus Necromancer Lvl 36- MooShu

Jul 09, 2010
the enemies are hard, but the scenery is just stunning. Glaciers, rivers, waterfalls, forests- just SO beautiful.

~Chris Griffinhaven, Adept Pyromancer~

Apr 03, 2010
ajsvid wrote:
Nah, I love it, it's my favorite world. The scenery is beautiful and I love the storyline. As for the battles and enemies, I went back when I was a little higher level (had grown weary of DragonSpyre), and they are not so bad. :-)

I started when i was in the Arena part of Krokotopia..

It is a hard world, a Ghost Touch saved me from losing to the ghost bear with the sword and shield.

May 01, 2009
I agree. But i think it is so boring. There is no where to go! After the 4 ravens you do nothing.

Autumn LifeBlossom lvl 45 master in life

Apr 18, 2010
i don't hate grizzleheim but my bro does. i just which it had more experience.

Feb 20, 2010
I love GH exept a few things such as the monsters have to much power for players that just came from KT and are level 20. Also the yardbirds are to hard to find you can hardly even see them. I know it is supposed to be a challenge but it is to hard to see them. There aren't enough health wispes. One tip for level 20 players get one of your friends to help you at first.

Jul 11, 2009
taddpole wrote:
I dont really like grizzleheim, mainly because of all the enemies, all the battling. its so hard to finish, and there are so many locations. Anyone else hate it?

Yes. Quite simply IT IS THE WORST WORLD EVER :x :x :x :x :x :x Why the heck did Wizard101 make this world??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Aug 11, 2009
If you find the challenges in this world are too much for you, then you may have to wait until you are a higher level to attempt the harder parts of this world. :(

I entered Grizzleheim as soon as Ambrose sent me there. I like the challenges in GH and the farming is great. :)

I found that Munin Mistweaver in Mirkholm Keep dropped good items on a consistent level, with some of the items (Coat of Stormy Seas, Terminal Robe, and others) bringing a price of over 1000 gold each at the Bazaar. It took very little time to collect 100,000 gold twice, so that I could buy a house and a mount.

For those who feel that the rest of the game is becoming too tame, then GH is the place to be. :D

I hope that KI will offer more challenging worlds in the future.

Have fun!!! :) :) :)