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Defeating RuneThief in Grizzleheim

Oct 30, 2013
Hi everyone... I know that this theme is already somewhere here but here are my experiences. I'm in MYTH school so Rune Thief was hard boss to defeat for me, because he is also MYTH. His buddy is SNOW. Now, I was in 8 fights with them and I lost every time. Then I decided to spend more coins then usual and buy useful treasure card. First for Snow buddy I pick : Fire meteors, Glacial shields (two of them). For Rune Thief I pick : Storm trap, Kraken. Now, first I put Glacial shields on me and on BOTH of them. Then I used Human go frog ( it's useless for Rune Thief but is useful for SNOW guy )... Now Snow guy is almost on half health. Then I put Fire Shield on him and I play Fire meteor. Snow guy is dead. Now Rune Thief - remember that I use Glacial shields? It's very useful because he will always try kill you with Storm shark. Then I heal myself about 3 times, and pick Strom trap on Rune Thief. And there is part where I pick Kraken. He's done stuff easily. Now after Kraken, Rune Thief was on about 525 health ( I was on 350 ). I pick Stun Card and one circle he was stunned. Then I pick Myth prism ( for those who don't know what it is, it's shield which every myth spell change in storm spell). And for my last move I choose Minotaur ( four pips and he killed him like he is storm monster )... And that's how I defeat Rune Thief - FINALLY! :)
Hope i helped!
:) :*

Mar 07, 2012
Ohhhh... I remember him...
I think I did this quest when I was a late master, so, it was really easy. :D What worked for me was defeating the minion first, then taking down Vognir.

~ Vanessa Rainbowpetal, level 60 theurgist