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Defeating one of the brothers

Jul 20, 2009
I am extremely upset right now. I worked so hard today to defeat the brothers. I went to the right door and threw the maze and defeted that brother but at least I found him. I got defeated a lot but kept going back. tThen I went to the left side door and defeated the 3 stone men, found the statue but could not find the other brother. So, I decided maybe he shows up after you defeat everyone, I started with the forest, defeated them, went to the sands and defeated them , of course I kept getting defeated and had to get more health and mana,but I came back, then I went to the waters to ofight them, was on the purple guy ( had defeated the 2 water spouts) and he killed me, so I came back after getting my health went into the room and accidently turned toward the exit, I found myself back out in the foyer so I went back into the left room and ALL my work was gone, Can someone tell me why and can someone tell me where the brother is in that room? I need help please.......My characters name is Mary MoonPrye