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Defeating Munin

Jul 13, 2009
Hi I am a member of Wizard 101 and I have been trying to complete all of the Grizzlehiem's quests. Unfortunately, I came across a quest in Mirkholm's Keep where I have to defeat Munin. Well guess what? I defeated him, and Ivar Anderson told me to go to Bjorn. But I STILL CANT SEE THE KING!
Plus where am I supposed to go next?! There was supposed to be another quest after this one and I never got it! Did I do something wrong? I don't want to defeat Munin all over again, I just am really confused on where I am supposed to go next because there is no new quest in my quest book after I defeated Munin. I know there is supposed to be another one, but is it like a glitch or something? Please help me THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING!!!

Jul 04, 2009
The areas of Grizzleheim are wizard level restricted. Keep in mind you must also complete the previous area as well.

Savarstaad Pass at level 20
Vigrid Roughland at level 25
Mirkholm Keep at level 30
Nidavellir at level 40
Ravenscar is accessible after defeating Jotun (Nidavellir)

So you won't be able to see the king until you have reached level 40 and completed Mirkholm Keep.

Dec 10, 2009
You will be able to go back to Grizzleheim and complete the quests there after you gain more XP in Mooshu.

Jul 13, 2009
Okay I see. I got really confused on what was going on because after I defeated Munin I was not given another quest. So I just thought that it was a glitch or something. So I have to gain more XP and turn level 40 in order to get another quest in Grizzlehiem? If that's it, then I really appreciate the help. :D :D :D