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Jun 07, 2009

The Critical and Block system is an addition to the existing dueling system that allows players to perform Critical Hits on opponents and avoid incoming Critical Hits. This will give players new strategies and defenses in combat and new ways to further build up their Wizard!

You'll notice your character sheet has changed a little. Press C to see a panel like this one.

The two new stats being added to the game are called Critical Hit Rating and Block Rating

Critical Hit Rating increase the player's chance of getting a critical hit.
Block Rating increases the player's chance of avoiding incoming critical hits.
Players will gain Critical Hit and Block bonuses from equipment.

The chance for a critical hit or a block is calculated AFTER fizzle and accuracy. When a spell fizzles no calculation for critical hit or block is made.
Charms, Enchantments, Wards, Manipulations and Globals are not subject to the Block / Critical system. Heals cannot be Blocked, but they can Critical!

You will also notice with these Critical and Block Statistics, that the Combat Rating System displays as a numeric value and not a percentage.
Equipment will have values of "+14 Block Rating" as opposed to the "+1% Block" style of statistic you are accustomed to seeing.

Jul 03, 2010
alys1 wrote:
is there a way to go critical?

At level 50, Diego on Unicorn Way will give you a helmet and introduce you to the critical system. As you progress in levels you can enhance your "chance" to critical with gear. The system uses percent 0 - 500, so in effect the higher you can get your critical number the better chance you have to critical.

In later worlds this becomes less important because most all bosses and even minions resist it, at that point focusing on gear with higher damage may be more effective. If and when you do critical it can double your original damage.

Oddly, I have a lvl 40ish Balance Wizard in Mooshu and she did critical with no gear on to be able to and killed the boss.

Mary StarGem
"Savior of the Spiral"