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Can't Get my main quest!

Nov 16, 2012
I had a main quest in grizzleheim and i completed it and i stopped playing wizard101 for a little while and then when i came back i felt like working on grizzleheim and i looked everywhere and i can't find the place where i left off! i saw some admins helping other people i am wondering if a admin can help me to!

Matthew deathspear - level 54

Jul 18, 2010
Here are some things u should know just in case u are not high enough lvl for certain areas in grizzleheim ...,

Lvls 20 and up you go to north guard and stavarstaad pass
Lvl 25 and up u go to Vigrid rough land
Lvl 30 and up u get access to mirkholm keep
Lvl 40 and up, u face jotun, then go to ravenscar

To go to the next area as you know u most speak to the guy outside the palace, the one who tells you to go to stavarstaad . So, here is the quest tree below. If you do not have a quest that is named one of these, you probably missed a quest somewhere . Perhaps you have to do a dungeon? Idk check with this below. And I can't believe no one, not even professor greyrose helped you by now!!!!!! Even when u asked for her or someone!!! Anyway see if you can find your quest


Nov 16, 2012