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Can't get into Ironsplinter's Forest.

Mar 08, 2010
Hello, my wizard is Thomas HexBlade and I need serious help. I am working on the Thrice-Blessed Blade quest and cannot get into Ironsplinter's Forest. My quest helper lead me to the entrance to it right across from the area where Frither is and near the Splithoof camp, and i try to go in but keep hitting some sort of invisible wall. This goes out to Wizard101 FAQ and proffesors especially. Thanks for the help!

Mar 12, 2010
This might sound too obvious. But it is "thrice" blessed...

Did you do the first two steps on this? I forget offhand what they were. But going to him is step 3.

A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
It is the second of the three parts you need to do, the first is near the waterfall.

My guess is that you may be using the arrow...try turning it off and using your map. The arrow sometimes is not a good thing to use. Move around the outside of the field with the imps (you have to watch them and time a good run) and you should get to the entrance to the dungeon without too much trouble.